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Hearts of Stone The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quests

List of new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quests added in Hearts of Stone expansion pack, sorted by the order in which they usually are started.

In Hearts of Stone a new contract awaits, from the mysterious Merchant of Mirrors. Geralt of Rivia will take on the impossible, a quest to defeat one man cursed with the power of immortality.

The first quest of Hearts of Stone will automatically be added to your Journal once you complete the Prologue of the base game.

Embark on this quest once you have gained enough experience (recommended character level: 30+). You can also Start playing the expansion using a specially prepared character developed to level 32 and possessing a predefined array of gear and set of Abilities.

Map with new points of interest added in Hearts of Stone expansion pack could be found here.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestEvil's Soft First Touches (32)

When Geralt later told me the story which began at the Seven Cats Inn notice board, he mentioned he had felt drawn to that place, as if some strange, undefined force wanted him to appear there on that day and at that time. I didn't give this remark a second thought until I heard the tale to its conclusion, and realized its beginning had been no accident...

- Check the notice board outside the Seven Cats Inn.

- Go see Olgierd von Everec about the contract.

- Enter the Oxenfurt sewers. - After leaving Olgierd's house one of the girls will order you new secondary quest - Rose on a Red Field (33).

- Search the sewers using your Witcher Senses. - I the sewers you will meet old friend - Shani.

- Go to the spot where the monster attacked Shani and the Redanian soldiers. - Use aard sign to destroy the wall next to the gate.

- Find the key to the lower level of the sewers using your Witcher Senses. - Don't jump down! Soldier's body and the key is on the same level where you are.

- Search the lower level of the sewers using your Witcher Senses.

- Find the monster's lair.

- Kill the monster. - When you kill the monster, you will be captured by the Ofieri soldiers.

- (Optional) Defeat the Ofieri warriors.

- Meet Master Mirror at midnight at the crossroads beneath the willows.

- Go see Olgierd.

Quest completed. Two new quests - Dead Man's Party (33) and Open Sesame! (34). Then one more quest when you complete those two quests - Scenes From a Marriage (35).

Hearts of Stone Main QuestDead Man's Party (33)

As Master Mirror forewarned, Olgierd von Everec asked Geralt to perform several tasks for him. One of these was to show his brother, Vlodimir, the time of his life. As I know from many pleasant personal experiences, the witcher, grim as he may sometimes seem, is more than capable of arranging a fantastic night out. Yet in this case, there was one particularly tricky catch: Vlodimir was dead. As a first step to overcoming this obstacle, Geralt decided to go see Shani, who, as a Redanian subject, an Oxenfurt resident and a woman of great learning, might just have some information about where Vlodimir is buried.

- Talk to Shani about the von Everec family crypt.

- Meet Shani in front of the von Everec family crypt.

- Enter the von Everec family crypt.

- Defeat the wraiths as they appear.

- Use your Witcher Senses to explore the von Everec family crypt. - Find Vlodimir's sarcophagus. It's in main chamber.

- Spread incense in every room in the crypt. - Equip Censer.

- Light the main votive to continue the ritual.

- Defeat the wraiths of dead von Everecs.

- Meet Shani by the farm where the wedding will be held.

- Follow Shani and meet the newlyweds.

- Talk to the newlyweds.

- Take part in the wedding activities until midnight.

-- 1. Use your Witcher Senses to find the fire swallower.

-- Escort the fire swallower back to the wedding.

-- Protect the fire swallower from the "bear."

-- 2. Fish Shani's shoe out of the lake and give it to her.

-- Give Shani the shoe you fished out of the lake for her.

-- 3. Drive the pigs into the pen. - Reward King of swineherd's crown (15% bonus gold).

-- Defeat your opponents.

- Talk to Master Mirror at the wedding.

- Go to the barn for the capping ceremony. - New secondary quest - A Midnight Clear (33).

- Inform Olgierd the task has been completed.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestA Midnight Clear (33) - You will receive it at the end of Dead Man's Party (33) quest.

Though Vlodimir had returned to the nether realms, the night was still young and the wedding not yet over. Shani, dejected at the thought that Geralt would soon return to his many pressing concerns, was sitting alone at one of the tables, staring glumly at the crowd of merrymakers. Master Mirror advised Geralt that a bouquet of flowers or some tasty liqueur might cheer her up.

- Read Shani's Character entry in the Journal to find out what might cheer her up.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find something that will cheer Shani up.

- A. Give Shani the alcohol. - Give Shani Mead or Rowanberry brandy and forbid her mixing alcohol.


- B. Give Shani the present. - Rowan branch.

Quest completed. If you selected "Kiss sure didn't sate me" then quest will end with love scene.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestOpen Sesame! (34)

Olgierd's wishes were unusual, to say the least. One demand was for Geralt to bring him the house of Maximillian Borsodi. He didn't supplement this request with such key details as where this house was located or just how the witcher was to transport said real estate. Geralt only knew his first stop should be Oxenfurt, the city to which the Borsodis had moved their world-famous auction house...

- Go to the Borsodi auction house in Oxenfurt and ask for the owner.

- Go to the upper floor of the auction house.

- (Optional) Meet Vivaldi's friends. - Play gwent with Hilbert. If you win then you will receive Gaunter O'Dimm card.

-- (Optional) Find Countess Mignole's earring using your Witcher Senses.

- Sit down when you're ready to take part in the auction.

- Wait for the auction to start. - If you bid, you can win Count Romilly's figurine - dismantle it at any blacksmith or armorsmith to receive Count Romilly's will and Ornate key and start a new quest - A Dark Legacy (-). If you buy all items then you will get Shopaholic achievement.

- Defeat the guards.

- Go to the herbalist's hut near Oxenfurt and give the password.

- Talk to the Stranger.

- Recruit the rest of the crew and prepare for the robbery. - Three new quests: Open Sesame: The Safecracker (34), Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings (34) and Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering (34).

- Go to the herbalist's hut to prepare the robbery.

- Be at the gateway to the Borsodi Auction House around midnight.

- Get to the vault in the Auction House's basement.

- Defeat Horst Borsodi's men. - When you defeat Borsodi's men, you will negotiate with soldiers outside - Keep hostages, ask for wagon, regular one and realease one hostage. If you fail then:

- Fight off the Redanian soldiers' attack.

- Go down into the vault.

- Defeat the monsters. - Only if vault was opened by Quinto.

- Search the vault for Maximilian's House.

- A. Defeat Horst Borsodi. - Then you can make a deal with Ewald or kill him.


- B. Defeat Ewald Borsodi. - Then you can make a deal with Horst or kill him.

- Take Maximilian's House. - Inside one of the nearby chests you will also find Diagram: Viper venomous steel sword.

- Find the secret way out of the vault using your Witcher Senses. - Only if you killed both brothers.

- Get out of the auction house.

- Take Maximilian Borsodi's House to Olgierd.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestOpen Sesame: The Safecracker (34)

Vaults are, as a rule, difficult to enter. Their metal-plated doors must either be teased open in silence by a skilled safecracker - or blown to smithereens by a demolitions expert. The unequalled master of the first method was Quinto, the best safecracker north of the Yaruga. The go-to specialist for the second was Casimir Bassi, a dwarf hailing from Mahakam.

- Convince Casimir to take part in the robbery. - Use Axii sign or tell him "Set the torch aside. Let's talk this out." and "Actually, got no reason to live. Blow yourself sky high." then beat him.

-- Defeat Casimir.


- Go to the mercenaries' camp and talk to Quinto.

-- Convince Hans to free Quinto. - You can pay 200 gold, play gwent, defeat Hans in fistfight or make a deal (170 gold).

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestOpen Sesame: Witcher Seasonings (34)

Oxenfurt, once a city of students, had been transformed by war into a city of soldiers. Redanian troops were everywhere - in every inn, shop and brothel, but, most visibly and annoyingly of all, on every street. Geralt had to find a way to reduce the number of patrols if the robbery was to stand a chance of success. He dug into his bag of witcher tricks and found just the thing - an alchemical mixture which, added to the soldiers' rations, would soon have half the Oxenfurt garrison out on sick leave...

- Prepare a cleansing mixture that will weaken the Redanian soldiers. - Use your alchemy skills to prepare Cleansing mixture.

- Use your Witcher Senses to eavesdrop on Redanian soldiers patrolling Oxenfurt to find out where to find their cook.

- Visit the garrison cook during the day and convince him to help you. - You can pay him 500 gold or use Axii sign.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestOpen Sesame: Breaking and Entering (34)

Robbing a building requires, at a bare minimum, finding a way inside it. The mysterious man who convinced Geralt to take part in the heist determined the only way to break into the carefully guarded auction house was via an adjacent tower. Geralt thus needed to hire someone capable of climbing up its glass-smooth outer wall and dropping a line down to the others. Only two maestros of the burglar's trade could perform such a feat: Hugo Hoff, affectionately known as "Beef Patty," and Eveline Gallo, alias "the Ermine."

- Go to the house where Hugo Hoff is hiding.

-- Explore around the house using your Witcher Senses.

-- Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses.

-- Defeat the bandits.

-- Search the riverbank for clues using your Witcher Senses.

-- Look around the bottom of the river. - Hugo is dead.

-- Return to shore.

- Convince Eveline Gallo to participate in the robbery. - You can pay 600g (400g if she is alone) or help with the show.

-- Shoot the apples with your crossbow.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Main QuestScenes From a Marriage (35)

With two wishes down and one more to go, Geralt reported back to Olgierd. There he received his third and final task, which, following in the vein of the its predecessors, seemed nigh unto impossible to complete. Olgierd wanted Geralt to find and bring him the violet rose he had given his wife the last time he saw her. As this was many years ago, and flowers are not noted for their longevity, the rose had certainly disintegrated by now. Yet since Geralt had grown used to finding the unfindable and doing the undoable, he nevertheless set out to try to recover this flower of yesteryear.

- Go to the von Everec manor.

- Find a way to get inside the manor.

- Use your Witcher Senses to search the grounds of the von Everec estate for a violet rose.

- Search for the partner of the thief you met.

- Follow the tracks on the ground.

- Open the gate.

- Search the estate's back garden using your Witcher Senses.

- Defeat the estate's caretaker.

- Search for Iris von Everec on the upper floor of the manor.

- Examine the remains on the bed.

- Find a fitting spot to bury Iris.

- Look for Iris von Everec's memories and find a way to restore them. - You are now in alternate (painted) version of Olgierd's mansion.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - It's the first scene. You can find here: Teapot, Painter's palette and book The spirit from the Steppe.

- Place the items that fit the scene where they belong. - Place the palette on the table and book in Olgierd's hand.

- Search the area around the memory using your Witcher Senses. - Second scene Fountain. You can find here: Bouquet of flowers, Wedding veil and Glass.

- Place the item that belongs there in Iris von Everec's hand. - Place the Glass in Iris' von Everec's hand.

- Defeat the wraiths.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - Next scene, Dining Room.

- Carefully examine the painting in the dining room. - Ignite fire in fireplace and two candlesticks like on painting.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - Bedroom. You can find here Night lamp, Night gown and Bloody towel. Use towel on a bowl.

- Go to the painting studio.

- Arrange the elements of the tableau vivant as they are in Olgierd's portrait. - You can find here Glass, Fruit bowl and examine the painting. Place items on the table: apple on the right, goblet in the middle and grapes on the left.

- Go to Olgierd's study.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - Examine Pentagram.

- Look around for candles and chalk. - Find Beeswax candles and Piece of chalk.

- Complete the partially erased pentagram. - Place candles on the circle surrounding the pentagram.

- Find a way to escape the fire. - Examine the paining, you will be teleported to another version of mansion.

- Escape from the blizzard and find a way back into the house. - Find a way into the cellar, next scene here.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - Here you can find Marriage contract, Knife and Mug. Place mug in Olgierd's hand and contract in father's hand.

- Defeat the wraiths.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory. - Yuo can find here: Small bowl, Large bowl and Food tray. Place the small bowl on the floor in front of the big bear, big bowl on the other side of the table and tray in caretaker's hands.

- Go to the parlor.

- Face Iris von Everec's greatest fear. - Examine a letter lying on the table.

- Defeat Iris von Everec's nightmares.

Quest completed. Next quest - Whatsoever a Man Soweth... (36).

Hearts of Stone Main QuestWhatsoever a Man Soweth... (36)

Having completed all of Olgierd von Everec's wishes, Geralt went to the Alchemy Inn, where he was to meet with the ataman's representative...

- Meet Olgierd's man at the Alchemy Inn.

- (Optional) Talk to Shani at her home.

- (Optional) Follow Shani to the Academy.

- (Optional) Enter the Academy grounds.

- (Optional) Enter Professor Shakeslock's house. - If you complete optional steps then you will be able to help Olgierd during meeting at Temple of Lilvani.

- Meet Olgierd at the Temple of Lilvani. - If you won't interfere then Olgierd will be dead.

Quest completed. Rewards: Caparison of Lament - the saddle, 100 stamina or Horn of Plenty - it's infinite source of food or Botomless Carafe or 5000 gold or more experience.

If you helped Olgierd then you will be teleported to new location and quest will continue.

- Find the solution to Master Mirror's riddle. - Run north to the house, you can skip all monsters on the way. Enter the house and run to the mirror. In the final location find the fountain and destroy nearby rocks to fill the fountain with water. You found Master Mirror and solved his riddle.

Quest completed. Olgierd survived. Reward: very nice steel sword Iris.

This is the end of Hearts of Stone main story questline. Congrats! :-)

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestEnchanting: Start-up Costs (32)

You can tell an experienced witcher by the way he examines a notice board. To the novice eye, these weathered planks contain nothing but clumsily-scrawled messages touching on matters thoroughly mundane: trifling announcements, offers of sale or purchase, lewd rhymes, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam. A witcher with years under his belt, however, will search the dross carefully, knowing that it often hides a jewel - a witcher contract, for example, or, as in this particular case, information about a mysterious "runewright" from a far-off land...

- Visit the runewright and learn more about his craft.

- Acquire 5000 crowns for the Ofieri runewright.

- Give 5000 crowns to the Ofieri runewright.

Quest completed. New quest - Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price (32).

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestEnchanting: Quality Has Its Price (32)

The Ofieri runewright got down to work, but announced at once that more advanced runes or glyphs would require special materials. Jade, it seems, is a necessary part of advanced runewrighting. Since Geralt was interested in enchanted goods of the better sort, he decided to look around for a hunk of this element.

- Find a pickaxe.

- Acquire a hunk of jade for the Ofieri runewright. - You can extract some Jade in the fist room of Arachnomorphs Cave, next to the pillar in the middle.

- Take the hunk of jade to the Ofieri runewright.

Quest completed. Now you can upgrade workshop but you need a lot of money to do it. First upgrade costs 10000 gold, second upgrade costs 15000 gold.

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestRaces: Swift as the Western Winds (32) - Talk to Ofieri Merchant.

Northeast of Novigrad Geralt stumbled across a small camp of Ofieri travelers. Geralt struck up a conversation with one of their number and the topic of discussion turned to horses. Before he knew it, he'd agreed to a race to test whose mare was the swiftest. Had he been to eager in his boasting? Could Roach really go neck and neck with a fabled Ofieri steed? Time would soon tell!

- Defeat the Ofieri merchant in a horse race.

Quest completed. Reward Ofieri stock saddle (85 stamina).

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestWithout a Trace (32) - Posted on Brunwich Notice Board.

"Witcher" has become a synonym for "monster slayer" in many minds. While accurate as far as it goes, this does not encompass the whole truth, for witchers take on a broad variety of other tasks besides the slaying of monsters. For example, they sometimes use their superhuman senses to find missing persons. Such a lost individual was the subject of the notice hung by a certain Otto Bamber, an herbalist residing near Oxenfurt.

- Talk to the herbalist.

- Look for Folkert's tracks in the Deadwight Wood using your Witcher Senses. - Locate small wooden cart.

- Follow the blood track.

- Ask the inhabitants of the village about Folkert.

- Report back to the herbalist. - Before you do that you can go to the back of the house of the peasants. Use Aard sign to destroy a box of rotting meat and enter the basement - the body of the halfling is there. Go back to the peasants, interrogate them and then decide - spare them or kill them.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestRose on a Red Field (33) - You will receive that quest after first meeting with Olgierd during Evil's Soft First Touches (32) main quest.

"The White Wolf", "the Butcher of Blaviken" - Geralt gathered many sobriquets on his Path, one of which was the colorful and, I dare say, apt, appellation of "Puss Peepers." This he gained during his adventure with Olgierd, when a cheeky young woman in Olgierd's company pinned him as the man best able to track down the scoundrel who killed her friend, Kluivert.

- Investigate Bowdon for clues about Kluivert's murder using your Witcher Senses.

- Find the source of the strong odor using your Witcher Senses.

- Search the hut using your Witcher Senses.

- Investigate around the hut for clues about the man who fled out the window.

- Look around for signs of the man who shot the bolt using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow the shooter's tracks using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow the horses' tracks.

- Defeat the knights.

- Explore the knights' camp. - Find Orders to attack Bowdon lying on the cart in front of a house.

- Read the document you found in the fallen knights' camp.

- Investigate the fallen knights' lab northwest of Brunwich. - Options: 1. Fight, 2. Use Axii, 3. Pay 1000 gold.

- Defeat the fallen knights.

- Go to the woman who hired you to collect your reward.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntFrom Ofier's Distant Shores (33)

While wandering the Redanian borderlands Geralt happened across some crafting diagrams written in a foreign tongue. He supposed the language was Ofieri, but, not being a linguist, he could not be certain. Wanting to resolve this mystery, he decided to look around for Ofieris, having made the indisputable deduction that where there are Ofieri documents, there must surely be Ofieris as well.

- Find someone who can speak Ofieri.

- Find all the diagrams from the Ofieri gear set and return them to the merchant to be duplicated and translated. - x4

- Look for the place where the Ofieri merchant was attacked. - Find dead horse and broken wagon.

- Use your Witcher Senses to search the site of the attack.

- Use your Witcher Senses to follow the bandits' trail.

- Search the bandits' hideout. - Loot Letter with orders from the bandit's corpse.

- Read the letter you found.

- Search the remaining bandit camps.

- Return the diagrams to the Ofieri merchant.

- Wait one day for the merchant to translate the diagrams.

- Collect the translated diagrams from the Ofieri merchant. - Rewards: Diagram: Ofieri boots, Diagram: Ofieri scale armor, Diagram: Ofieri gauntlets and Diagram: Ofieri sharovary.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntThe Cursed Chapel (36) - Loot Crypt key and Pastoral diary of Father Glaedfried from the body lying on the ground.

Unfortunate accidents happen to even the most gods-fearing of men. This realization came to Geralt when he happened across the corpse of a priest. On the body he found a journal, and, after a moment of silence for the deceased's memory, he tucked the document into his satchel.

- Read the priest's notes.

- Search the crypt's underground passages. - Teasure is guarded by Cursed Mother.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Secondary QuestThe Drakenborg Redemption (38) - Loot Bent key and Yellowed letter from the body lying on the ground inside Arachnomorphs Cave.

While traveling near Novigrad, Geralt happened across the body of an unfortunate wretch who had stumbled into a cave full of arachnomorphs. In his pockets was a yellowed letter.

- Read the letter.

- Search the cave for a chest using your Witcher Senses. - Half-buried small box next to the showel in one of the caves of Arachnomorphs Cave.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntA Suprise Inheritance (38) - Loot Knut Kreutzman's journal and Completly ordinary key from the body.

While searching a body he found in a ravaged campsite, Geralt found a key and a journal. Thinking the latter might shed light on its writer's fate, he slipped it into his bag.

- Read Knut Kreutzman's notes.

- Search the ruined hut's cellar.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntThe Secret Life of Count Romilly (38) - Loot Tarnished key and Count Romilly's journal (part 2) from the skeleton.

Despite numerous warnings, Geralt ventured deep into Deadwight Wood, where he found the ruins of Castle Arnskrone. There he fought a tough battle against an ancient leshen and found the earthly remains of Walter Romilly, and with them the eccentric count's journal.

- Read Count Romilly's notes.

- Search the ruins of Count Romilly's castle. - Go down to the cellar, entrance is in the tower. Chest is in one of the rooms.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntThe Royal Air Force (36) - Loot Chest key and Nicolas Vogel's laboratory notebook from the body.

Another day, another corpse -- and, the witcher suspected, another document revealing the tale of the deceased's demise. He was not mistaken.

- Read Nicolas Vogel's notebook.

- Search the laboratory's ruins. - Chest is on top of the ruins, you have to climb up.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntTinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy (33) - Loot Incrusted key and Bloody letter from the body on top of the watchtower.

The nature of Geralt's trade means finding corpses is a normal part of a day's work. This time the body was found atop an observation tower near the village of Mohrin. Upon closer inspection, Geralt found the man's throat had been slit - and had some highly interesting papers in his pockets...

- Read the report.

- Find the spy's stash using your Witcher Senses. - Chest is underwater, next to fisherman's platform.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntThe Sword, Famine and Perfidy (36) - Use Aard sign to destroy barrels inside the house, open a hatch and find the body lying on the ground in the cellar. Loot Rusted key and Letter written in blood.

In a certain cellar located near a nest of drowners, Geralt found a body. Quite curiously, the deceased had not been torn apart by the monsters, but seemed to have died of thirst, having been barricaded in the cellar by some third party. Near the body Geralt found a key and some notes, all of which he took with him.

- Read Brother Anselm's letter.

- Find the sunken ship using your Witcher Senses. - Chest is underwater, in the small boat.

Quest completed.

Hearts of Stone Treasure HuntA Dark Legacy (-) - During Borsodis' aucion you need to buy Count Romilly's figurine then dismantle it at any blacksmith or armorsmith. You will receive Count Romilly's will and Ornate key.

While at the Borsodis' auction, Geralt bid a not insignificant sum on a strange figurine. Why, you ask? Perhaps it was that famed witcher's intuition, for after dismantling the figurine Geralt found he had also become the owner of a letter and a heavy, ornate key...

- Read the letter.

- Search the ruins of Arnskrone Castle. - Go down to the cellar, entrance is in the tower. Destroy doors, kill wraiths, chest is in one of the rooms.

Quest completed.