The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Main Story, Act I The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quests

List of main story Act I quests (Velen, Novigrad and Skellige) in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, sorted by the order in which they usually are started.

The number in parentheses placed after the quest's title is recommended (by devs) level at which you should perform quest's tasks. Marker (-) means quest has no recommended level.

Main questIn Ciri's Footsteps (-)

Emhyr var Emreis had been searching for his daughter Ciri for quite some time. Even the most dubious sighting of an ashen-haired young woman with a scar on her cheek would send imperial spies scurrying.

Not even the harsh conditions of war-ravaged Velen deterred them - indeed, it is there they had been most successful, determining that Ciri had been, and possibly still was, in the region. Reports of a similar nature had also come in from Novigrad, but remained unconfirmed. Emhyr's spooks had gathered nothing concrete from Skellige, but an explosion of magical energy had taken place on one of the isles, and it seemed likely that Ciri had been somehow involved.

- Find out if Ciri is in Velen.

- Find out if Ciri is in Novigrad.

- Find out if Ciri is in Skellige.

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Find out if Ciri is in Velen.

Main questThe Nilfgaardian Connection (5)

Geralt traveled to Velen in search of Ciri, an act that attested to the depth of his devotion. Only a man who has been to this land can know just how vile it is. At this time it was commonly known as No Man's Land. Why? Well, the emperor of Nilfgaard had not yet claimed it, Temeria was in disarray, and the Redanians had already retreated north. No Man had been left in charge, and he had proved a terrible ruler.

Geralt needed to find Hendrik, an imperial agent who had been working on Ciri's case, and to collect from him what information he had managed to gather.

- Travel to Velen. - You start your Velen adventure in Grayrocks at Hanged Man's Tree Signpost.

- Go to the Inn at the Crossroads.

- Ask about the agent called Hendrik at the Inn at the Crossroads. - You can kill Baron's men but peaceful solution is better - tell them that you are a witcher or drink with them.

- Finish talking to the innkeep about the agent called Hendrik.

- Look for the agent called Hendrik in the village of Heatherton.

- Talk to the survivor and learn what happend in the village.

- Find the agent called Hendrik. - Go to Hendrik's house. Search his boots, there is a key hidden inside.

- Search the agent's hut using your Witcher Senses. - Find cellar, examine candle, it will unlock hidden closet. Read notes hidden inside.

Quest completed. New quests - Hunting a Witch (5) and Bloody Baron (6).

Main questHunting a Witch (5)

The notes left by Hendrik, the Nilfgaardian agent, mentioned that Ciri had quarreled with some witch, and that the newt-stewer in question could be found near the village of Midcopse. Exactly where, Geralt did not know - and so he was forced to swallow his manly pride and ask the locals for directions.

- Find the witch on your own or ask the residents of Midcopse about her. - Talk to the woman in front of the house next to the armorer.

- Talk to the peasant who visits the witch often. - Pay him (50g) or use Delusion (1).

- Find the pond by the village.

- Find the lone boulder.

- Find the abandoned cart.

- Find the witch's hut.

- Talk to the witch in her hut.

- Search the hut using your Witcher Senses. - Examine a skull lying on the shelf.

- Enter the portal in the witch's hut.

- Find the witch. - It's an old friend - Keira Metz.

- Talk to Keira about Ciri.

Quest completed. New quest - Wandering in the Dark (6).

Main questWandering in the Dark (6)

Finding Ciri in Velen had proven harder than tracking a swallow on a rainy day. According to Keira, an elven mage had been tracking this particular swallow as well. Had he found her? Did he know more about her fate? Geralt knew he had to find out, and Keira, well, she had unfinished business of her own with the mage. And so the witcher and sorceress set out together on a journey into the darkness to find the mysterious elf's underground hideout.

- Meet Keira at the entrance to the mage's hideout.

- Follow Keira.

- Go through Keira's portal.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find Keira.

- Destroy the rat nests with Signs or Bombs.

- Explore the elven ruins and look for information about the mage.

- Explore the ruins and follow the swallow symbols.

- Search the chamber using your Witcher Senses.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find something associated with Ciri's horse Kelpie. - Jump down into the water, dive, swimm, climb and find another mark.

- Rejoin Keira.

- Explore new chambers with Keira.

- Enter the portal.

- Examine the next room using your Witcher Senses.

- Fight the guardian.

- Continue exploring the ruins and follow the swallow symbols.

- Find a way to activate the portal using your Witcher Senses.

- Enter the portal.

- Follow the Wild Hunt's warriors.

- Keep close to Keira and stay under her magic shield.

- Kill the creature emerging from the rift.

- Follow Keira.

- Chase the wild Hunt's warriors.

- Fight the Wild Hunt warrior.

- Look for information about Ciri using your Witcher Senses. - New main quest - Ladies of the Wood (6).

Examine the wall, Keira will give you the Eye of Nehaleni.

- Use the Eye of Nehaleni to dispel the illusion.

- Follow Keira. - If you agree to help in finding the magic lamp then you will get new secondary quest - Magic Lamp (6).

Quest completed.

Main questLadies of the Wood (6)

Information found in the home of Hendrik, the Nilfgaardian agent, indicated Ciri had entered into conflict with some witch in Velen. At first Geralt thought this "witch" was Keira Metz, but he later learned Hendrik had meant a different individual, one who dwelt in Crookback Bog. So the witcher ventured into the swamps, determined to find this bog-dwelling witch and ask her about Ciri.

- Read "The Ladies of the Wood". - Read the book Keira gave you.

- Find the Crones of Crookback Bog.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find the shrine that marks the start of the Trail of Treats.

- Follow the Trail of Treats using your Witcher Senses.

- Go to the hut and talk to the boy.

- Ask the children in the swamp village about Johnny.

- Find a way to lure Gran away from the hut. - Give the kids some candies or play with them, then...

- Find the hidden children using your Witcher Senses.

Task completed.

- Look for Johnny in the swamp using your Witcher Senses.

- Find Johnny's footprints.

- Follow Johnny's footprints using your Witcher Senses.

- Lure Johnny out of his burrow.

- Follow Johnny.

- Defeat the monsters.

- Search the raven nest.

- Give the bottle to Johnny.

- Follow Johnny to the swamp village.

- Defeat the monsters. - Time for audience with the crones.

- Talk to the ealdorman of Downwarren about the village's problem.

- Find out what's killing villagers from Downwarren. - Go to the marked area, when you reach it, you will get new secondary quest - The Whispering Hillock (5)

- Solve Downwarren's problem.

- Find a passage leading under the hill using your Witcher Senses.

- Explore the cave.

- Tell the ealdorman of Downwarren you took care of the problem.

- Put the ealdorman's payment on the stone. - The Crones will tell you a bit more about Ciri's story.

Quest completed. And now you will play as Ciri again, new quest - Ciri's story: Fleeing the Bog (5).

Main questCiri's Story: Fleeing the Bog (5)

When Ciri arrived in Velen, she found herself in the very heart of the notorious Crookback Bog. Exhausted, she sought shelter, but instead found herself in the clutches of three demonic sisters known to the local peasants as the Ladies of the Wood. Ciri quickly realized how poorly that name fit these bloodthirsty hags and fled. She escaped with her life by a hair's breadth, but still had a long and dangerous trek through the marshes ahead of her.

- Escape from Crookback Bog. - Just run.

Quest completed.

Main questBloody Baron (6)

Nilfgaard's agent had determined Ciri had stayed with the baron - the self-proclaimed ruler of Velen. This man was known for his violent temper and three-mile-long cruel streak, hence his moniker: the Bloody Baron. Geralt, however, was not one to be frightened by nicknames, least of all those taken from bodily fluids, and so made his way to Crow's Perch, the baron's seat, to ask about Cirilla.

- Go to the baron's castle.

- Find the baron.

- Follow the sergeant.

- Talk to the baron. - You will play as Ciri now - new quest Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves (5).

Quest completed.

Main questCiri's Story: The King of the Wolves (5)

Fleeing the monsters of Crookback Bog, Ciri arrived at a dried-up branch of the Pontar.

- Follow the riverbed and find help.

- Kill the wolves.

- Follow Gretka.

- Protect Gretka from the wolves.

- Gather fool's parsley.

- Gather wolfsbane.

- Kill the werewolf.

Quest completed. Conversation with Bloody Baron will continue and after that you will get new main quest - Family Matters (6) and secondary quest Ciri's Room (5).

Secondary questCiri's Room (5)

Having learned which room Ciri had stayed in during her time at Crow's Perch, Geralt, for whom any excuse to paw through others' possessions is a good one, decided to search it and see if she had left anything behind that might help him find her.

- Examine the room where Ciri stayed using your Witcher Senses. - Examine Ciri's clothes on the floor, take the book The Natural Obscurity of Curses lying the table and find Spinning top.

- Read the book entitled "The Natural Obscurity of Curses" from Ciri's room.

- Go to the kitchen and talk to Gretka.

Quest completed.

Main questFamily Matters (6)

The baron turned out to be a tough negotiator who knew the full value of the information he possessed. He agreed to tell Geralt about Ciri on one condition: Geralt had to find his wife and daughter first. The women had mysteriously disappeared a short time before. Though the baron had moved heaven and earth to find them, all his efforts had proved fruitless.

- Follow the baron.

- Use Witcher Senses to search the room. - There are two rooms. Start your search in daughter's room - find Incense and Rusty key. (You can skip this and go directly to wife's room).

- Use your Witcher Senses to locate where the scent is coming from. - Follow the scent to basement and open locked door and check an altar.

Go back up stairs and search wife's room.

- Use Witcher Senses to search the room (continued). - Examine candlestick, empty wall, painting and wardrobe on the other side. Examine wine stain on the floor next to candlestick and follow the scent. Find Talisman at the end of the scent trail.

- Talk to the baron about what you found. - He will tell you about pellar.

- Find the pellar's hut. - You can use Delusion (2), kill the bandits or ask what's the problem and tell them how to heal their friend.

- Talk to the pellar.

- Agree to help find the missing goat to gain the pellar's gratitude. - New main quest - A Princess in distress (5).

- Lead the goat to the pellar. - After the ritual, the pellar will tell you about a child that Anna miscarried - botchling.

- Read the bestiary to learn more about botchlings.

- Talk to baron. - Castle is on fire.

- Save the stable hand and the horses trapped in the burning stable.

- Open the main gate to stables.

- Defeat the baron in a fistfight. - Then speak with Baron about the botchling.

- Follow the baron.

Path #1 - If you decided to turn botchling into lubberkin.

- Follow the baron to the castle's entrance.

- Protect the baron from wraiths.

- Use the Axii Sign to calm the botchling.

- Summon the lubberkin where the botchling is buried.

- Follow the lubberkin.

- Search the area around the smokehouse using your Witcher Senses.

- Examine the dead horses.

Path #2 - If you decided to kill botchling or failed with calming him on the way to the castle.

- Kill the botchling.

- Talk to the pellar.

- Go to the pellar when you are ready to start the ritual.

- Follow the pellar.

- Prepare for the ritual and light the fires.

- Relight the fires in the braziers if they go out during the ritual.

- Find the fisherman Voytek's hut.

Here both paths merge together.

- Look around the fisherman's hut.

- Talk to baron about his family. - You can refuse to go to Oxenfurt. Baron will give you pass to cross the Pontar.

- Find Tamara, the baron's daughter, in Oxenfurt.

- Talk to the baron about Tamara. - New quest Ciri's Story: The Race (5).

- Investigate all remaining leads in Velen and find the Baron's wife. - You have to complete another main quest - Ladies of the Wood (6) for that.

- Tell the baron what you've learned about Anna. - New quest - Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows (5).

Quest completed. Search for Ciri in Velen is over. New secondary quest - Return to Crookback Bog (9).

Main questA Princess in Distress (5)

Geralt's search for information about the baron's wife and daughter took him to the local pellar. One glance and he knew the man was highly eccentric - an impression only strengthened when the pellar announced he would not divine what had happened to Anna and Tamara until Geralt found Princess, his runaway goat. Having no other choice, Geralt set off on a wild goat chase.

- Find the pellar's goat using the bell and your Witcher Senses.

- Bring the goat to the pellar.

- Defend the goat from the bear.

- Use the bell and lead the goat to the pellar.

Quest completed.

Main questCiri's Story: The Race (5)

The baron treated Ciri like a daughter - no, better - for slaughtering a boar is sadly a delight few fathers think to share with their daughters. His men took an immediate liking to her as well, mainly due to her hunting prowess and passion for horses. One evening, as they were celebrating a successful hunt around a bonfire, Ciri proposed a wager: if she beat the baron in a horse race, he would give her a mount of her choosing. The baron accepted the challenge.

- Beat the Baron in the horse race.

Quest completed.

Main questCiri's Story: Out of the Shadows (5)

Ciri and the baron were testing their mettle in a horse race when a basilisk swooped down and put an end to the competition. The beast snatched the baron up and carried him off to its nest. Ciri, sparing no time for second thoughts, ran to his rescue.

- Kill the basilisk.

- Get to the top of the tower and rescue the baron.

Quest completed.

Find out if Ciri is in Novigrad.

Main questPyres of Novigrad (10)

Ciri's trail took Geralt to Novigrad, the largest city in the North. It would take seas of ink to describe this city accurately, so suffice it to say it is the seat of the Church of the Eternal Fire, a bustling port city and a haven for artists... as well as all sorts of other shady characters.

Yet Novigrad at this time was not the city Geralt knew from his earlier travels. War raged throughout the known world, and rich cities are always tempting morsels to armies on the march. It was clear by then that this particular morsel had both Radovid and Emhyr greedily licking their chops. Within the city, the Temple Guard acted with impunity under the command of a cankerous snot named Caleb Menge and with the support of that terror-spreading band of zealots, the witch hunters. Meanwhile, the bosses of the city's underworld still held much of it in their sleazy grasp.

Finding Ciri here would be like searching for a needle in a burning haystack - Geralt would clearly need some assistance. Luckily, an old acquaintance of his now lived in Novigrad, and her name was Triss Merigold.

- Visit Triss in her house.

- 1. Look for thieves on the main square and carefully follow them. - Find a thief and follow him to the hideout. You don't know password so you have to play (50g) or use Delusion (2).

- 2. Talk with beggars about the King of Beggars. - One of the beggars (crazy one) will tell you a password and indicate where the Putrid Grove is.

- Find the King of Beggars' hideout.

- Follow the thief to the King of Beggars' hideout.

- Meet with the King of Beggars. - You will meet Triss Merigold here.

- Follow Triss.

- Enter the basement.

- Find the secret passage using your Witcher Senses, then open it. - Examine one of the bricks of the pillar in the middle of the room.

- Follow Triss.

- Find the parcel using your Witcher Senses.

- Give Triss the parcel.

- Follow Triss.

- Place rat traps around the warehouse - use your Witcher Senses to guide you.

- Tell Triss you've completed your task.

- Talk to Triss after she activates the spell.

- Fight the thugs.

- Leave the warehouse.

Quest completed. New main quest - Novigrad Dreaming (7).

Main questNovigrad Dreaming (7)

Oneiromancers - or dreamers, as they are more commonly called - possess the ability their name implies to divine the future or relive the past through dreams. Corinne was one of the best of her kind and had no trouble finding clients, even with the hostility to the occult that reigned in Novigrad at the time. Geralt hoped she would spare him a few moments, and set off to find her in a house where she had gone to ply her trade.

- Find the dreamer in the old house. - Enter the house and find the bedroom. You need to find a way to wake up Corrine.

- Search the attic. - Use aard sign to unblock passage to the next room. Find Drawing of a crib.

- Examine the drawing.

- Take the doll. - Take Rag doll< lying on a bench.

- Put the doll in the crib. - Small room next to bedroom.

- Find out why the door slammed shut.

- Examine the oven. - In the basement. You can make a deal with godling or throw him out, then...

- Get some burdock.

- Burn burdock in the oven.

Task completed.

- Talk to the dreamer.

- Meet Corinne at the Golden Sturgeon.

Quest completed. New main quest - Broken Flowers (11).

Main questBroken Flowers (11)

Geralt had learned from the dreamer Corinne Tilly that Ciri contacted me while in Novigrad. He thus made his way to the Rosemary and Thyme, a charming establishment which I had inherited from an admirer of my poetry, for he, quite rationally, expected to find me there. His search for Ciri seemed closer to a happy conclusion than ever before.

- Go to the Rosemary and Thyme.

- Help Zoltan chase off the tramps.

- Search the ground floor for clues using your Witcher Senses.

- Read Dandelion's planner.

- Talk to Zoltan. - Talk to Zoltan first and ask about all girls.

- Talk to Vespula. - You can pay (200g) or kill the bandits.

- Talk to Elihal.

- Talk to Molly. - Go to villa then join Voorhis. Baroness La Valette can join you or not, it depends on which option you selected during Imperial Audience (2) quest.

- Win the horse race.- You can win Superior Racing Saddle (+50 stamina)

- Return to Novigrad on your own or with Voorhis (and Baroness La Valette).

- Talk to Marabella.

- Wait until the lesson is over.

- Talk to Rosa var Attre.

- Find a way into the var Attre villa. - Check this Video Guide.

- Follow the guard.

- Grab a wooden practice sword.

- Keep following the guard.

- Beat Rosa. - If you win then new secondary quest - Fencing Lessons (12).

- Consult with Zoltan.

- Meet Zoltan in the Kingfisher Inn after sundown.

Quest completed. New quests - Get Junior (12) and Count Reuven's Treasure (12)

Main questCount Reuven's Treasure (12)

Fear gripped the witcher's heart as he knocked on the bathhouse doors. He knew that, shortly before I disappeared without a trace, I had been planning to rob Sigi Reuven, one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the North. He would have to inquire about my fate without arousing any suspicions, which was a tall order indeed - for while Geralt may be an excellent witcher, he is one lousy actor.

It turned out Sigi Reuven was none other than Sigismund Dijkstra, former head of Redanian intelligence and a man well-known to Geralt from past adventures. In an atypical bout of ignorance, Dijksta had no inkling I was involved in the theft of his gold. He treated Geralt's appearance as a fortunate coincidence and offered him a handsome sum in return for help finding his stolen wealth - and the thief who had stolen it. Geralt and Dijkstra thus both wanted to find the exact some person - yours truly - albeit for entirely different reasons. Seizing this bit of good fortune, Geralt accepted the offer and hoped against hope Dijkstra wouldn't catch on to his double dealing.

- Question Reuven about Dandelion's disappearance without raising any suspicions.

- Return to Dijkstra when you're ready to help him.

- Follow Dijkstra.

- Investigate the site of the break-in using your Witcher Senses. - Dijkstra gives you Pops' Mold Antidote.

- Drink the pops antidote.

- Use your Witcher Senses to search the sewer room for evidence.

- Follow the current.

- Use your Witcher Senses to search the sewer room for evidence.

- Return to bathouse and summarize with Dijkstra.

- Look for clues about the thieves in the bathouse side rooms using your Witcher Senses.

- Go to Margrave Henckel's house. - Use Aard sign to open the door.

- Search Margrave Henckel's house using your Witcher Senses. - Read the note.

- Solve the riddle from the mysterious note. - Take the bottle and place it in the slot for 1251 vintage.

- Investigate the other room using your Witcher Senses.

- Search the hidden room using your Witcher Senses. - Read Letter from Dudu.

- Check what's going on downstairs.

- Meet Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine near the harbor around midnight.

- Follow the witch hunter leader.

- Kill the witch hunters.

- Kill Caleb Menge.

- Follow Triss.

- Search Menge's desk for any clues. - Loot Letter to Caleb Menge and Menge's holy tome.

- Read the letter from Menge's desk.

- Find a way out of the witch hunters' outpost.

- (Optional) Sneak out of the witch hunters' outpost.

- Tell Dijkstra what you've learned. - New secondary quest - Meet Tris Merigold at her hideout (12).

- Find the drop box using your Witcher Senses. Place the holy tome there to signal that you want to meet with the spy.

- Be at the arranged meeting place at midnight.

- Find a good place to hide and wait for the spy.

- Talk to Priscilla.

Quest completed. If you also have finished Get Junior (12) quest then new main quest - The Play's the Thing (11).

Main questGet Junior (12)

Thanks to the lovely Priscilla, Geralt now knew Ciri and I had struck a deal with Whoreson Junior, one of the Big Four bosses of the Novigrad underworld. It seemed a simple matter of finding Whoreson, having a chat and getting out of him where to look for me. But in the Novigrad of the time nothing was simple, and nothing was as it seemed...

- Go to the bathouse and talk to Sigi Reuven.

- Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.

- Follow Happen.

- Defeat the assassins. - New secondary quest - The Gangs of Novigrad (9).

- 1. Visit Whoreson Junior's arena. - You can pay (100g), use Delusion (2), kill bouncers or come here with Cleaver's boys and kill all.

- Talk to Igor- Tell him that you want to be a bodyguard.

- Fight in the ring to prove you'd make a good bodyguard.

- Defeat your opponent.

- Kill the wild dogs.

- Defeat your opponent.

- Survive the fight.

Both paths connect here.

- Kill Whoreson's thugs.

- Search the arena for information about Whoreson. - Loot Igor's key from his body, go to his room and loot Message from Igor.

- Read the documents you found.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to access the secret stash. - Turn the torch to open secret door.

- Search the secret stash.

- Read the mysterious letter.

Task completed.

- 2. Find Whoreson Junior's casino. - Pay (200g), use Delusion (2) or kill bouncers.

- Play cards with the casino guests.

- Defeat Whoreson's thugs.

- Search the casino for information about Whoreson.

- Talk to the tied-up halfling in the casino. - Release him, new quest Honor Among Thieves (9).

Task completed.

- 3. Find Whoreson Junior's hideout.

- Search Whoreson Junior's hideout using your Witcher Senses.

Task completed.

- Talk to Dijkstra about Whoreson's ties to the Redanians.

- Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisan camp.

- Meet Roche by the bridge in Oxenfurt.

- Enter the chess club with Roche. - New secondary quest An Eye for en Eye (12).

- Get inside Whoreson's hideout.

- Search the guard's bodies. - loot Key to Whoreson Junior's estate.

- Use the key to open door to Whoreson Junior's hideout. - New quest - Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior (9).

- Search Whoreson Junior's residence.

- Kill Whoreson Junior.

- Tell Priscilla about your talk with Whoreson Junior. - New main quest when you try to leave Whoresong Junior's hideout - A Favor for Radovid (9).

Quest completed. If you also have finished Count Reuven's Treasure (12) quest then new main quest - The Play's the Thing (11).

Main questCiri's Story: Visiting Junior (9)

After a long search, Geralt had at last found Whoreson Junior and forced him to recount the truth of his dealings with Ciri - events in which I, dear reader, played a not insubstantial part.

- Get on the roof.

- Get on the balcony.

- Enter through the window to Whoreson Junior's room.

- Kill Whoreson Junior.

- Escape from Whoreson Junior's hideout.

Quest completed.

Main questA Favor for Radovid (9)

As you are, no doubt, already well aware, Geralt has always paid particular interest to crowns and the men who wear them. Kings, you see, are always in need of specialists to perform dirty jobs for them. When Geralt heard King Radovid wanted to see him, he surmised this was just such a moment and set off in the hope a profitable witcher contract was in the offing.

- Go see King Radovid. - New secondary quest - Redania's Most Wanted (12).

Quest completed.

Main questThe Play's the Thing (11)

As you surely recall, Geralt knew Ciri had been in Novigrad, that she had contacted Dudu and me and that afterwards all three of us had plummeted straight into a writhing snake pit of trouble. The last person to have seen Ciri was yours truly, but I, too, had disappeared without a trace. Geralt accurately surmised that Dudu would be the easiest of our ill-fated trio to find. He went to the one person who could help him do this - Priscilla.

- Tell Priscilla what you've learned about Dudu.

- Take the script to Irina Renarde.

- 1. (Optional) Recruit jugglers from the performing troupe called the Puffins.

- Get rid of the thugs lurking outside the Puffins' house. - Pay (50g), use Delusion (2) or kill them.

- 2. Head to docks and hire ushers for the play.

- Defeat the strongmen from Metinna. - If you don't want to fight then you can pay 70 crowns.

- Talk to Irina Renarde and start the play.

- Help Zoltan calm the angry mob.

- Talk to Dudu in Irina Renarde's room.

Quest completed. New main quest - A Poet Under Pressure (13).

Main questA Poet Under Pressure (13)

Ah, what times those were, times of adventure, action and unexpected twists around every corner! As you surely recall, Ciri and I escaped from Whoreson Junior's headquarters only to wind up trapped in a corner by the Temple Guard. Ciri managed to get away, but I was captured and tossed in the Temple Isle dungeons. From there I was to be transported to Deireadh, the infamous Oxenfurt prison, to await my execution - and here my tale would surely end, had my friends not devised an ingenious plan to ambush the transport.

- Meet Zoltan at the site of the ambush.

- (Optional) Ask Dijkstra for help rescuing Dandelion.

- Use your Witcher Senses to pick up the trail.

- Ask if anyone from camp has seen Dandelion's abductor.

- Explore the area in front of the hut in the woods.

- Enter the halflings' home via the secret passage.

- Free Dandelion.

- Defeat the witch hunter.

- Untie Dandelion.

Quest completed. It will conclude second step of In Ciri's Footsteps quest - Find out if Ciri is in Novigrad. You will pay as Ciri again - Ciri's Story: Breakneck Speed (11). New secondary quest - Cabaret (14).

Main questCiri's Story: Breakneck Speed (11)

Ciri had defeated Whoreson and freed Dudu - but then the real trouble started. Junior sounded the alarm and we had to flee as fast as our mounts could take us. Our only possible escape route led to Temple Isle.

- Flee towards Temple Isle.

- Mount another horse.

Find out if Ciri is in Skellige.

Main questDestination: Skellige (16)

The search for Ciri had taken Yennefer to the wind-swept Skellige Isles - that is to say, lest your mind fill with visions of our elegant sorceress shivering on some barren rock - it had taken her to a suite of comfortable rooms near Kaer Trolde Castle on the isle of Ard Skellig. Geralt was to join her there and thus set off to the port in Novigrad, where he hoped to find a captain bold enough to brave the pirate-infested waters en route.

- Find a boat headed to Skellige.

- Look for the ship's captain at the Golden Sturgeon.

- Pay Captain Wolverstone the requested amount to sail to Skellige. - 1000 crowns.

- Sail to Skellige with Captain Wolverstone.

- Defeat the pirates.

- Go to the port near Kaer Trolde.

Quest completed. New quest - The King is Dead - Long Live the King (16).

Main questThe King is Dead - Long Live the King (16)

Crach an Craite, an old friend, invited Geralt and Yennefer to a farewell feast for the recently-departed King Bran. One does not refuse such invitations in Skellige, and so, willing or not, Geralt had no choice but to meet Yennefer at the castle gates and attend the wake at her side.

- Go to Yennefer's rooms and put on formal attire.

- Put on new clothes for your meeting with Yennefer.

- Meet Yennefer at the entrance to Kaer Trolde keep.

- Go with Yennefer to the wake inside Kaer Trolde.

- Beat Cerys to the top of the mountain.

- Pull Hjalmar's axe out of the stump.

- Talk to Yennefer in private.

- Go to Ermion's workshop.

- Explore the mysterious room using your Witcher Senses.

- Defeat the aggressive beasts.

- Find the Mask of Uroboros in Ermion's workshop. - Examine the statue, use mug of mead.

- Explore the secret chamber using your Witcher Senses.

- Kill the earth elemental.

- Look around for a way to escape from the trap.

Quest completed. Next main quest - Echoes of the Past (13) and two secondary quests - Possesion (17) and The Lord of Undvik (17).

Main questEchoes of the Past (13)

A magic cataclysm had devastated a large part of the isle of Ard Skellig, and Yennefer suspected Ciri had had something to do with it. The raven-haired sorceress thus set out with Geralt to the isle's mysteriously deformed woods to look for signs of their one-time ward's presence.

- Meet Yennefer at the site of the magic cataclysm.

- Talk to Yennefer.

- Help Yennefer kill the foglets.

- Follow Yennefer.

- Use the Mask of Uroboros.

- Follow Yennefer.

- Use the Mask of Uroboros.

- Follow Yennefer.

- Use the Mask of Uroboros.

- Follow Yennefer.

- Use the Mask of Uroboros.

- Look for a body.

Quest completed. Next quest - Missing Persons (15).

Main questMissing Persons (15)

Though Ermion was incensed (no druidic pun intended) at Yennefer and Geralt's theft and desecration of an ancient artifact, he was willing to put his anger aside to help them find Ciri. He told them of the Hunt's recent destruction of the village of Lofoten. Geralt and Yennefer knew at once it could not have been a chance attack. Ciri. They went there looking for her.

- Meet Yennefer on Hindarsfjall.

- Follow Yennefer to Lofoten.

- Find Freya's garden and look for Craven.

Quest completed. Next quest - Nameless (14).

Main questNameless (14)

While talking to the inhabitants of Larvik, Geralt and Yennefer found out Ciri had been in the village right before the Wild Hunt had descended upon it. She had ridden off with a man called Craven, heading towards Drowned Dead Rock. Geralt and Yennefer decided they had to find this Craven - though both knew there was little chance he would still be alive when they did. The monster dwelling in Freya's garden did not take kindly to visitors.

- Search for signs of Craven near the sacred tree using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow Craven's footsteps using your Witcher Senses.

- Explore the further parts of the herbarium.

- Go past the barricaded doors.

- Use the lever to open the flood gates so you can continue further. - Find Morkvarg then jump to "the well".

- Jump into the well.

- Find Craven using your Witcher Senses. - You will play as Ciri again - The Calm Before the Storm (14).

Quest completed. Next main quest - Ugly Baby (19) and secondary quest - The Last Wish (15).

Main questThe Calm Before the Storm (14)

Craven's reanimated corpse told Geralt and Yennefer about Ciri's stay on Hindarsfjall. She had made a dramatic entrance, popping out of thin air in a narrow escape from some unknown danger. Exhausted and wounded, she was carried by a mysterious companion who then entrusted her into Craven's care. He took her home, where his family tended to her with warmth and kindness. For the first time in a very long while, Ciri had a moment to catch her breath and enjoy life's simple comforts.

- Follow Astrid to the sauna.

- Leave your clothes in the changing room.

- Follow Astrid.

- (Optional) Drink a shot of Freya's Firewater to warm up.

- (Optional) Jump into the water to cool off and regenerate.

- Join Skjall in the stable.

- Try to defeat the warriors of the Wild Hunt.

- Get on a horse and flee towards Drowned Dead Rock.

- Make it to Drowned Dead Rock while avoiding the riders of the Wild Hunt.

Quest completed.

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