The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Velen, Crow's Perch Map The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

After Vserad, its previous owner, panicked at the news that armies were approaching and fled to Fyke Isle, this castle became home to Philip Strenger, alias the Bloody Baron, along with his family and entourage.


Once discovered, signposts allow you to travel directly from one location to another. Walk up to a signpost and use it to open ingame map.

SignpostAbandoned Tower SignpostBlackbough SignpostBoatmakers' Hut SignpostBurned Ruins SignpostClaywich SignpostCrow's Perch SignpostHarpy Feeding Ground SignpostHeatherton SignpostIsolated Shack SignpostLornruk SignpostMidcopse SignpostTroll Bridge SignpostWolven Glade

Places of Power

When you draw on a Place of Power for the first time, you receive an additional Ability Point.

Place of powerQuen Sign

Notice Boards

Offers of work for witchers are posted here. Return from time to time to notice boards you've already seen - new contracts might have been posted since your last visit.

Notice boardCrow's Perch Notice Board

Contract: Shrieker (8)

Quest Races: Crow's Perch (-)

Quest: Gwent: Velen Players (-)

Quest: Fists of Fury: Velen (11)

Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands (24)


CraftsmanArmorer (Journeyman)Fergus Graem | + Grindstone | + Armorer's Table CraftsmanArmorer (Master)Yoana | You need to finish Master Armorers (24) quest first. CraftsmanBlacksmith (Amateur)Sells: | Adalbert Kermith's second map | + Grindstone | + Armorer's Table

Witcher Gear Diagrams / Scavenger Hunt

It's always some kind of box, chest or a corpse containing witcher gear diagrams required for scavenger hunt quests.

Scavenger huntBear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4

Chest hidden behind the broken cart.

Diagram: Ursine steel sword - mastercrafted

Scavenger huntGriffin School Gear Diagrams

Guarded by Wyvern (14).

Chest next to grinding stone (roof of buiding, not tower!)

Diagram: Griffin silver sword

Crafting notes

Scavenger huntGriffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1

Chest is in ruins, surrounded by burnt beams.

Diagram: Enhanced Griffin trousers

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1

Chest is inside Garden Well.

Diagram: Wolven silver sword - enhanced

Scavenger huntGarden Well

It's inside Crow's Perch keep, in the garden.

Scavenger huntThe Cave

Scavenger huntBlacksmith (Amateur)


Adalbert Kermith's second map

+ Grindstone

+ Armorer's Table


TreasureInside small underwater cave. | More chests inside tower. TreasureBig box and three packages in a pit. TreasureThree chests in Garden Well. Treasure TreasureChests inside the hut. | One of them is locked, you need Niellen's key. TreasureChest lying on the broken cart inside The Cave. | One more chest in the corner.

Guarded Treasures

It's always some kind of box, chest or a dead body containing some goods and guarded by one or more monsters.

Guarded treasureGuarded by Forktail (14). | | Guarded treasureGuarded by Basilisk (14). | Relic: Caroline (steel sword). Guarded treasureGuarded by Cyclops (19).

Special Monsters

MonsterArchgriffin (26)Final opponent in quest Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands (24). | You have to kill him for Master Armorers (24) quest. | Trophy: Archgriffin trophy (10% Chance to dismember) MonsterShriekerFinal opponent in the quest Contract: Shrieker (8). | Trophy: Cockatrice trophy (10% Chance to dismember) | MonsterWerewolfFinal opponent in the quest Wild at Heart (7). | He drops Niellen's key.

Monster Nests

Every nest is guarded by monsters of a specific type. Use bombs to destroy it. Do not forget to loot it after its destruction.

Monster nestMonster Nest - Ghouls Monster nestMonster Nest - GhoulsOccupied by Ghouls (9). Monster nestMonster Nest - GhoulsOccupied by Ghouls (9). | Destroy it to bring to life the neighboring village.

Bandit Camps

Kill all the opponents in the area. There is always a treasure chest somewhere in the camp.

Bandit camp

Abandoned Sites

A place abandoned due to monster or bandit attacks. Once the danger is eliminated, it will fill with life once more.

Abandoned siteTo liberate the village, destroy a nearby monster nest.

Quests & Events

You will find more info about quests further below. Warning: Quest descriptions contain a lot of spoilers!

QuestDefender of the Faith (10)It's the first place where you can start this quest. QuestEvent: Blocked BridgeBandits block the bridge. | Pay them (50g), use Delusion (1) or kill the bandits (2). QuestEvent: RapeKill all the baron's henchmen trying to rape a girl. | Available upon Return to Crookback Bog (9) quest completion. QuestEvent: RobbersKill all the baron's henchmen trying to rob the peasants. | Available upon Return to Crookback Bog (9) quest completion. QuestEvent: Sacred OathTalk to Ronvid of the Small Marsh then duel him. QuestLast Rites (9)Talk to Old Woman. QuestMaster Armorers (24) QuestRaces: Crow's Perch (-)Talk to Radko, make a bet and ride like a wind :-) | Max 3 races, you can bet 50 crown each time.

More interesting places



Card: Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion

Card: Impera Brigade Guard

Card: Nausicaa Cavalry Rider

Card: Albrich

Saddlebags (+ 30 max inventory weight)


Available after you save him from the guards.

Sells Racing horse Blinders.


Main quest: A Princess in Distress (6)

Underwater Tower Entrance

Some Drowners (10) swimming here.

Secondary Quests

Secondary questReturn to Crookback Bog (9) - This quest becomes available once you complete The Ladies of the Wood (6) and Family Matters (6) quests.

As you recall, the self-proclaimed baron of Velen had asked Geralt to find his missing family. And so, ever a man of his word, find them he did. Tamara, the baron's daughter, he found in Oxenfurt, where she had joined the witch hunters. As for Anna, the baron's wife, she had been kidnapped by the Crones and made their slave, in fulfillment of a bargain she had struck with them earlier. Hearing this, the baron swore to free Anna, with or without the witcher's help, and set off to the place in the bog where Geralt had seen his wife.

- Meet the baron in Downwarren.

- Go with the baron to the Crones' huts in the bog.

- Help the witch hunters fight the monsters.

- Prepare for a fight.

- Kill the fiend and the other monsters.

If you've helped spirit during The Whispering Hillock (5) then...

- Visit Johnny to find out what happened to Anna.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find Johnny.

- Tell the others what happened to Anna.

- Find the door to the hidden room.

- Enter the cave.

- Talk to the baron. - At the end, Baron and his wife will be dead.

If you destroyed the heart in the tree's roots then Baron and his wife survive, but they both leave Velen in search for help.

Quest completed.

Secondary questRaces: Crow's Perch (-) - Posted on Crow's Perch Notice Board.

There was not much in the way of entertainment at Crow's Perch, so the baron's men were always looking for new ways to pass the time. One of their favorites - horse racing at night and the chance for friendly (and not-so-friendly) betting that went along with it. Though the witcher had plenty of other things to occupy his time, he decided he could spare a few moments to take part in these races.

- Go to the race's starting line. - Win with 3 opponents. You can win Racing saddle (40 Stamina), Saddlebags (30 Maximum inventory weight) and Horse blinders (20 Horse's Fear Level).

Quest completed.

Secondary questGwent: Velen Players (-) - Posted on Crow's Perch Notice Board.

Though you might think it unlikely, even war-ravaged Velen boasted many prominent gwent players. They possessed certain valuable cards which Geralt wished to add to his collection. To do that, he needed to defeat them. The first on his "To Fleece" list: the Bloody Baron.

- Win a unique card from the baron.

or (when baron is unavailable)

- Look for a unique card and information about other players in the baron's office. - New quest - Collect 'Em All (-).


- Win a unique card from the man in Oreton. - Play with Boatwright - Card: Letho of Gulet.

- Win a unique card from the soothsayer. - Play with Old Sage - Card: Crone: Weavess.

- Win a unique card from Haddy iof Midcopse. - Play with Haddy - Card: Vernon Roche and Card: Eredin Breacc Glas.

Quest completed.

Secondary questCollect 'Em All (-)

In his previous adventures, Geralt had gained fame as a master dice poker player. Yet having mastered all challengers in this arena, he had no choice but to find another in which to garner more laurels. He thus decided to take up gwent, and since he aimed to play at the highest levels, he felt he had to gather a complete collection of all the cards available - including some which could only be had by winning them off the best players around.

- Complete your collection of gwent cards.


Secondary questLast Rites (9)

- Find the old woman's husband's grave using your Witcher Senses.

- Place the ring on the grave. - You can use Magic Lamp here.

- Return to the old woman for a reward.

Quest completed.

Secondary questDefender of the Faith (10)

Geralt has a "live and let live" policy regarding the gods and their worshipers: if they don't bother him, he returns the favor. Sadly, not everyone follows this sage precept. A distraught woman in Velen informed him someone had been destroying the shrines that dot that region's roadsides. She begged him to repair the damage and, if possible, punish those responsible. Though he did not share the woman's devotion or outrage at this sacrilege, he decided to help all the same.

- Fix all the damaged shrines. - There are three shrines.

- Defeat the vandals. - You will meet them at the last shrine. If you let them vandalize shrines then quest will fail.

Quest completed.

Secondary questFists of Fury: Velen (11) - Posted on Crow's Perch Notice Board.

When Geralt found out a fistfighting circuit was operating in Velen, he decided to test his strength and enter. You must know Velen bouts were remarkable for their dirty and no-holds-barred fighting, but to someone who fights monsters dirtily and leaves no holds untried on a daily basis, this was no worry.

- Defeat Smithy. - He is inside Inn at the Crossroads. Talk to Bookie to start the fight. You can bet max 70 coins.

- Defeat Fishgulper. - He is in Lindenvale. Talk to Bookie to start the fight. You can bet max 70 coins.

- Defeat Jonas. - He is in Blackbough. Talk to Bookie to start the fight. You can bet max 50 coins.

- Fight the sergeant for the Velen title. - You can bet max 80 coins.

Quest completed.

Secondary questMaster Armorers (24)

Witchers live to kill monsters, and so they place great importance on the weapons and armor they use. Bodily harm is all too common in this profession, so whenever the chance arises to acquire better work clothing, the thinking witcher pounces on it like a cat on a plump mouse.

Such a mouse skittered in front of Geralt's eyes at one point in the form of the dwarf Fergus, an armorer of great renown. The craftsman promised to forge top-notch equipment for our hero, but first he needed the appropriate tools. Geralt thus set out in search of them.

- Find a master armorer in Velen.

- Ask if Fergus is a master armorer.

- Get blacksmith's tools from Undvik.

- Defeat the troll. - Rock Troll (26).

- Bring the tools to Fergus.

- Get gland acid from an archgriffin.

- Take the gland acid to Yoana.

- Help test the armor.

- Wait one day while Yoana forges your armor.

Quest completed.

Witcher Contracts

Witcher contractContract: Shrieker (8) - Posted on Crow's Perch Notice Board.

Not only did the people of Crow's Perch live in constant fear of the baron's mad impulses and the greed of his band of toughs, but they also had to deal with a vicious monster. They had given this beast a lovely, full-of-wholesome-folk-character name: "shrieker." It had tormented them so terribly that they had decided to pay for a witcher to take eradicate it. Geralt, who was far from deaf to the concerns of simple folk (and also was forever in need of more coin), decided to take the contract on this mysterious beast.

- Talk to contract issuer.

- Talk to the person who witnessed the shrieker's attack.

- Investigate the site of the monster's attack using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow the blood trail using your Witcher Senses.

- Find the monster lair using your Witcher Senses.

- Find the monster using your Witcher Senses.

- Drive the monster out of its lair with a Samum, Grapeshot or Dancing Star bomb.

- Chase down the monster.

- Kill the monster.

- Collect your reward from the contract issuer.

Quest completed.

Witcher contractContract: The Griffin from the Highlands (24) - Posted on Crow's Perch Notice Board after you bring tools from Undvik to Fergus (Master Armorers (24) quest).

A true master armorer is a rare bird indeed, so we can honestly speak of delight sparking in Geralt's heart when he first met Yoana. Yet before she could forge him new armor, she was in need of some assistance. The witcher would have to hunt down an archgriffin and extract from it some ingredients required for the forging of the finest armors.

- Find the archgriffin using your Witcher Senses and kill it.

- Take a trophy from the archgriffin.

- Take the archgriffin tropy to the baron's quartermaster.

Quest completed.