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Lore books could be find all across Tamriel. They are the only way to progress Mages Guild skill line.

Select desired type(s) of lore books

Alik'r Desert Lore
10 books
Auridon Lore
10 books
Bangkorai Lore
10 books
10 books
Coldharbour Lore
10 books
Daedric Princes
10 books
Deshaan Lore
10 books
Divines and Deities
10 books
Dungeon Lore
17 books
16 books
Eastmarch Lore
10 books
Glenumbra Lore
10 books
Grahtwood Lore
10 books
Greenshade Lore
10 books
Legends of Nirn
10 books
10 books
Magic and Magicka
10 books
Malabal Tor Lore
10 books
Myths of the Mundus
10 books
Oblivion Lore
10 books
Poetry and Song
10 books
Reaper's March Lore
10 books
Rivenspire Lore
10 books
Shadowfen Lore
10 books
Stonefalls Lore
10 books
Stormhaven Lore
10 books
Tamriel History
10 books
The Rift Lore
10 books
The Trial of Eyevea
4 books
book's title lore category location
Burning Vestige, Vol. I Dungeon Lore
Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm Coldharbour Lore
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter The Trial of Eyevea
Civility and Etiquette V. 5: Undead Dungeon Lore
Civility and Etiquette: Wood Orcs I Dungeon Lore
Clans of the Reach: A Guide The Rift Lore
Cohort Briefing: Arenthia Reaper's March Lore
Common Arms of Valenwood Grahtwood Lore
Crimes of the Daggerfall Covenant Auridon Lore
Crow and Raven: Three Short Fables Literature
Dark Ruins Deshaan Lore
Darkest Darkness Oblivion Lore
Dire Legends of the Doomcrag Rivenspire Lore
Dreamwalkers Eastmarch Lore
Dust's Shadow Shadowfen Lore
Dwarven Automatons Dwemer
Dwemer Dungeons: What I Know Deshaan Lore
Dwemer Inquiries Volume I Dwemer
Dwemer Inquiries Volume II Dwemer
Dwemer Inquiries Volume III Dwemer
Ebony Blade History Myths of the Mundus
Elven Eyes, Elven Spies Reaper's March Lore
Eulogy for Emperor Varen Tamriel History
Exegesis of Merid-Nunda Coldharbour Lore
Fair Argonian Maiden Shadowfen Lore
Fang of the Sea Vipers Auridon Lore
Flesh to Cut from Bone Poetry and Song
Founding of the Spirit Wardens Stormhaven Lore
Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus Daedric Princes
Freedom's Price Shadowfen Lore
Frontier, Conquest Tamriel History
Galerion the Mystic Biographies
Gifts of the Nereids Greenshade Lore
Gods and Worship In Tamriel Divines and Deities
Great Harbingers of the Companions Biographies
Green Lady, My Lady Malabal Tor Lore
Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant Glenumbra Lore
Guide to the Ebonheart Pact Stonefalls Lore
Guild Memo on Soul Trapping Magic and Magicka
Guylaine's Dwemer Architecture Dwemer