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Lore books could be find all across Tamriel. They are the only way to progress Mages Guild skill line.

Select desired type(s) of lore books

Alik'r Desert Lore
10 books
Auridon Lore
10 books
Bangkorai Lore
10 books
10 books
Coldharbour Lore
10 books
Daedric Princes
10 books
Deshaan Lore
10 books
Divines and Deities
10 books
Dungeon Lore
17 books
16 books
Eastmarch Lore
10 books
Glenumbra Lore
10 books
Grahtwood Lore
10 books
Greenshade Lore
10 books
Legends of Nirn
10 books
10 books
Magic and Magicka
10 books
Malabal Tor Lore
10 books
Myths of the Mundus
10 books
Oblivion Lore
10 books
Poetry and Song
10 books
Reaper's March Lore
10 books
Rivenspire Lore
10 books
Shadowfen Lore
10 books
Stonefalls Lore
10 books
Stormhaven Lore
10 books
Tamriel History
10 books
The Rift Lore
10 books
The Trial of Eyevea
4 books
book's title lore category location
On Stepping Lightly Eastmarch Lore
On the Detachment of the Sheath Magic and Magicka
On the Knahaten Flu Shadowfen Lore
On the Nature of Coldharbour Oblivion Lore
Once Stormhaven Lore
Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie Daedric Princes
Orcs of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore
Orcs: The Vermin Among Us Stormhaven Lore
Origin of the Mages Guild Tamriel History
Our Calling, Our Pledge Stormhaven Lore
Pirates of the Abecean Malabal Tor Lore
Proper-Life: Three Chants Poetry and Song
Proposal: Schools of Magic Magic and Magicka
Protocols of the Court of Contempt Coldharbour Lore
Reality and Other Falsehoods Magic and Magicka
Redguards, History and Heroes, V. 1 Alik'r Desert Lore
Redguards, History and Heroes, V. 2 Alik'r Desert Lore
Redguards, History and Heroes, V. 3 Alik'r Desert Lore
Regarding the Ebonheart Pact Auridon Lore
Remember Me Shadowfen Lore
Return to Orsinium Tamriel History
Rivers of Profit in Riften The Rift Lore
Robier's Vegetable Garden The Trial of Eyevea
Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls Myths of the Mundus
Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers Stormhaven Lore
Sacrilege and Mayhem in the Alik'r Alik'r Desert Lore
Sanctioned Murder Deshaan Lore
Schemes of the Reachmage Glenumbra Lore
Second Invasion: Reports Eastmarch Lore
Sentinel, the Jewel of Alik'r Alik'r Desert Lore
Shad Astula Academy Handbook Deshaan Lore
Shornhelm, Crown City of the North Rivenspire Lore
Sithis Myths of the Mundus
Song of the Askelde Men Poetry and Song
Songs of the Return, Volume 27 The Rift Lore
Songs of the Return, Volume 49 The Rift Lore
Songs of the Return, Volume 5 The Rift Lore
Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction Dungeon Lore
Spirit of the Daedra Oblivion Lore
Spirits of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore