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french title Retourn en Orsinium
german title Rückkehr nach Orsinium
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By Immigration-Wife Uulitag gra-Orsinium

Orcs of the mountains of northern Tamriel: you have a capital in Orsinium, and it's calling you home.

Yes! Once more the City of Orcs on the escarpment between upper and lower Wrothgar stands tall and proud! Behind its legendary iron-capped walls, tuskers of every clan work to restore our capital—your capital!—to its former glory. Once again buyers and sellers throng Haggler's Bluff, warriors spar at Fighters' Anvil, and smoke pulses from the chimneys of the Everember Forges. Mauloch-worshipers crowd the Temple of Grudgement, fungus-farmers tend the ordure-spreaders in the Caves of Dark Abundance, and gondolas ply the Jugular.

We are rebuilding the Obdurate Gates, and once more Smelter, Hammer, and Temper protect the city from the blows of a hostile world. From his throne in Scarp Keep, King Kurog extends to you the hand of welcome—and the fist of challenge. Are you Orc enough to join your brothers and sisters in a renewed Orsinium, and stand proud against the world? Come! Come to Orsinium, and join us as we raise a flagon of Bog-Iron Ale to King Kurog and the resurgent Orcs of Tamriel!

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