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french title Le Rejeton de Molag Bal
german title Die Brut des Molag Bal
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Molag Bal enslaves. Molag Bal defiles.

Molag Bal spawns children with the unwilling and harvests the souls of the unwary.

Legend tells us that Molag Bal is the father of the first vampire. Though we cannot fully detail the many species of vampires, we may consider all of them to be his offspring.

Most vampires can trace their lineage to the same distant ancestor, an unwilling Nedic virgin whom Molag Bal defiled. With her, he spawned a race of monsters, who then set upon nomads, spreading his corruption further.

Other species of vampires are the result of pacts and bargains with Molag Bal, who answers promises of immortality and power with an eternity of damnation.

Molag Bal seeds chaos and strife, spreading discord by corrupting soul after soul. His forces are legion; his patience is limitless; his ultimate goal is the domination and enslavement of all living things.

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