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french title L'Elfe des bois gourmet (ch. 1)
german title Der waldelfische Feinschmecker, Kapitel 1
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Every Wood Elf knows that the more inward the part, the better it tastes. While other races cook their meat until it is dry and bloodless, and waste entrails and brains, the Wood Elf knows that these parts are the juiciest and therefore the most flavorful.

The following delicacy is a highlight from the Greenshade region of Valenwood:

Jugged Venison

1 Venison Haunch, bloody


1 Onion finely chopped

Hang the Haunch for 5 days, until it is tender to the touch.

Heat the haunch in over a medium flame. The oil will give the meat a nice crisp outside. When the meat starts to pop, remove it from the heat.

Seal the hot meat in a vase or jug with the stock and the onion. Let it stand for another fortnight.

To serve, open the jug and pour the tender haunch onto the table. It is so tender no knife is required.

This meal will feed a family of four, or a hunter who has gone a few days without killing any prey.

There are many more such delicacies, often passed down from parent to child.

Map of Greenshade

The Wood Elf Gourmet, Ch. 1

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